„Артисти в джаза“ за първи път на „Сцена под звездите“

Sava Ognyanov Drama Theater Ruse will take part in the festival Stage Under the Stars, initiated by the Ruse Municipality. The date of the event is July 13th at 20:30 in front of the Theatre (Dohodno Zdanie).

Spectators will be able to experince the theatrical-musical performance Actors Jazzed Up, an idea by Evgenia Yavasheva. "This performance wasn’t made with colleagues, but with friends. Everyone participating in this performance does it because they love theater, love music and especially jazz. Everyone chooses what to sing, what to share with the audience and we are really doing it with heart and soul, because our love for music makes us even better artists," says the actress.
The cast features Evgenia Yavasheva, Vencislav Petkov, Ivaylo Spasimirov, Kadri Habil, Christiana Tsenkova, Lyubomir Kanev, and Nadia Bancheva. Live music will be performed by maestro Stracimir Pavlov.

"Jazz is every step aside that leads to a new adventure. Every note played wrong is right when you know when to play it. It's the same with life, you go off the rails of everything familiar to discover new things, to rediscover yourself, to change your ideas about the world and look at life from the side. Being jazzed up is every time you step out of your comfort zone. That's when everything magical happens in an incredible way, that's when you improvise and engage all the senses and instincts that bring you closest to your true self. Being jazzed up is a state of mind in which the soul flies without boundaries, without direction, but with one great idea - to be free.
Jazz is love, and love has no limits and you can fly from here to the moon with just one song.'' (E. Yavasheva)

Tickets: 150 VIP seats (seated) at a symbolic price at the theater box office or online on the official website of Sava Ognyanov Drama Theater - Ruse.
More information about the event at: https://fb.me/e/4Kstw8Kba


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