Iovko Kunev

Iovko Kanev was born on 22.03.1986 in Veliko Tarnovo. He completed his primary and elementary education at the "L. Karavelov" Primary School in Ruse, his secondary education at the "Geo Milev" High School in Ruse, and in 2008 he graduated from the NATFA "Krustyo Sarafov" with a BA in Acting for Drama Theatre in the experimental class of prof. Ivan Dobchev and prof. Margarita Mladenova. In 2022 she obtained the teaching qualification "Teacher of Acting for Drama Theatre" at "Angel Kanchev" University.

Yovko Kanev is passionate about theatre, cinema, music and football,
happily married with two wonderful children.


  • Tuzenbach in "Three Sisters" A.P.Chekhov, dir. Margarita
  • one of the Fallen Angels in "Lazarus and Jesus" by
    Emilian Stanev, dir. Ivan Dobchev 2008.
  • Hamlet in Hamlet, staged by Orlin Dyakov
  • Cleanthes in Moliere's The Miser, dir. Denislav Yanev
  • Franz Merkl in Horváth's Casimir and Caroline, dir. Chris Sharkov
  • Pavle in "Boryana" dir. Boyko Bogdanov
  • Bodkov in "Mister Gagno" by A. Konstantinov dir. Plamen Panev
  • Stoyancho in St.L.Kostov's "Women's Kingdom", directed by Orlin Dyakov, choreographer Bogdan Donev
  • Priou in Two Completely Naked Men by Sebastien Thierry, directed by Nikolai Urumov
  • Fedotik in Chekhov's Three Sisters dir. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, staged by Yuri Klepikov
  • Scribe Trichko in "How Scribe Trichko Didn't Marry Tsarina Kita with a Bunch of Nakite" by Nikola Rusev, staged by Rashko Mladenov



-“Лазар и Исус” по Емилиян Станев на Иван Добчев в Театрална работилница “Сфумато” е най-доброто представление за 2008г. според академия “Аскеер”



“Образцов дом №6”

“Министърът женкар”


“Балкански синдром”

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