Krum Berkov

Krum Berkov was born and raised in Ruse. He graduated from high school with a diploma in economics. Worked one year as a presenter at the Ruse radio "Tempo". After his military service, he studied for a year in the "Lyuben Groys" Theatre Collage
in the class of Georgi Novakov. In 2001 he was successfully accepted in NATFA "Krastyo Sarafov" in the class of prof. Krikor Azaryan and Assoc. Todor Kolev.



  • "Tales from the Vienna Woods", dir. Lili Abadzhieva
  • "Little Tragedies" by A. С. Pushkin, dir. Yavor Gardev
  • "TV Comedy" by Kamen Donev, dir.
    Kamen Donev
  • Andrey in "Boryana", dir. Alexander Berovsky
  • The Torlac in "January", dir. Alexander Berovsky
  • "Delicate Thing the Soul" by Gastarbeiter, dir. Boian
  • - "Flambe", based on texts by Hanoch Levin, dir. Alexander
  • The Aviator in "The Bigger Son", dir. Bogdan Petkanin
  • Chief Secretary in "Detachment", dir. Plamen Panev
  • Prosecutor in "Horo", dir. Petar Denchev



- Short film "Tir"
- Documentary "The Trench"
- Documentary "The Dragon Goryanin" (starring the poet himself)
- Participation in nearly all festivals and book promotions of
International Elias Canetti Society
- Author of the vlog "Records from the Underground"
- Written poems for a musical and several



- Award for the role of Mr. Leonida
in "Mr. Leonida and The Opposition",
by Sorin Missiriancu at a festival in Romania


„Балкански синдром“

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