Evgeniya Yavasheva

Evgenia Yavasheva was born in Ruse on 16.07.1980.


-1999- Vocational School of Clothing - Ruse -Design and
Clothing Technology
-2004- NATFA "Krastio Sarafov" - Bachelor in Acting
for Puppet Theatre
-2022- Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" -
Master of Arts in Performing Arts and Art Management
-2022- Ruse University "Angel Kanchev" specialization in


  • Boryana in "Boryana" by Yordan Yovkov
  • Nia in "The Iron Candlestick" by Dimitar Talev
  •  Sophrona in "January"
  • Doctor C in "Hotel between this world and the next"
  • Irina in "Three Sisters"
  • Yvette in "Hello! Hello!"
  • Jane in "The Shape of Things"
  • Froilan Coste in "Cabaret"- State Opera Ruse
  • Huniak in "Chicago"- Varna Opera
  • The Future "The Season of the Cuckoos"- Block 14



- Mrs. Tochilkova in the series "Good Day Mr.
Jasmine" - produced by Channel1, 40 episodes
- Creator of the art workshop "Marmalade"
- Creator of Center for Art and Culture "Block 14"- Ruse



Balkan Syndrome

Artists Jazzed Up

The Womanizer Minister

The Season of the Cuckoos

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